WineWeaver - the Ultimate Wine Aerator

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The Ultimate Wine Aerator

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Customer Testimonials

  • James, Arlington Heights, IL
  • Customer service on this level is not easy to come by and I truly appreciate that. I bought this gift for my wife for Mothers Day next Sunday, as it is rated the best in its class... We look forward to the first glass of wine and please do enjoy the activities this weekend [Royal Wedding]. Cheers!

  • Kelly, San Francisco, CA
  • I received the WineWeaver quickly after I placed my order but just used it for the first time tonight at a dinner party. We did a "blind taste test," and definitely noticed a huge difference with the wine weaver. :) We used it with a red wine and each felt that the aerated wine was smoother, less acidic, and had a much nicer aroma/nose. I think that the true subtleties of the wine came forward and could be appreciated better after aerating. I think you may be getting a few more customers soon :) Thanks again! .

  • Mary, Philadelphia PA
  • I made wine years ago, but have enjoyed it for more than 30 years. I love the fact that the WineWeaver enables you to test newest wines without fear. Not everyone knows how to really test wine. This however is the first step in getting to know each bottle on a different level. I feel empowered as I stroll through the wine shops knowing I have my little pal, waiting to truly prepare each glass before it touches my lips. Thanks again.

  • Ellen, Baltimore MD
  • 23Sep10 Follow up: Presented the WineWeaver to son on Sunday, September 19 during a flying visit to his home in PA, and he was delighted not only with the product but with WW’s Customer Care (without which he would not have received his gift). In fact, the little note WineWeaver sent me with his present was enclosed with his birthday card, and your efforts on his behalf were related in some detail. Thanks again.

  • Ellen, Baltimore MD
  • 02Sep10 Just wanted to let you know that the WineWeaver arrived yesterday afternoon - definitely ASAP - and is really as handsome as it appeared on your website. Thank you so very much for daring to trust me and providing customer service that is just off the charts in excellence. I had been tasked to research several wine aerators and choose the one I thought best as my son's birthday gift. I dutifully read reams of reviewer and customer comments and watched videos touting each one, but when I got to your website I was just blown away. The WineWeaver itself is beautifully designed and incorporates both of the aerating features discussed and compared by all the experts. And is, of course, the handsomest. I will let you know how the before and after taste-testing goes at his birthday celebration. Can't wait to see your USA website

  • Phil, Metuchen NJ
  • We tried the WineWeaver for the first time last night doing a side by side comparison with and without using the device. What a difference. The WineWeaver indeed removed the acidity and created a very smooth drink. I will probably buy more as gifts. Thanks for this very smart and attractive invention

  • Paul, Pennsylvania PA
  • My wife and I love our WineWeaver, we use it daily to weave complexity and more flavor into our wines, either white or red, with our WineWeaver they are imminently more drinkable and enjoyable than ever before, we tell everyone about WineWeaver!

  • Schauer Wines, Monmouth County NJ
  • As wine makers, we are always interested in new wine products and accessories. When introduced to the Wineweaver, I was intrigued by its design, but wasn’t sure if it would work. However, after holding a taste test with a bottle of red wine, it was clear to me that the WineWeaver was more effective than any other aerator that I’ve encountered.

  • Denise, New York City NY
  • It is truly mesmerizing to watch the WineWeaver aerate my favorite wine. The presentation of the wine cascading down the sides of my glass coupled with elegant jewel-toned colors of the WineWeaver makes it a great addition to my table

  • Daniel, Austin TX
  • I don’t consider myself a wine expert, but do enjoy a good glass every now and then. When testing out the WineWeaver, I didn’t think I’d be able to recognize a difference. Well, I was completely wrong. Immediately afterwards, I noticed a significant change in the taste and smell of my wine. I can’t wait to pass around this awesome product to all of my friends.

  • Alexandria, Philadelphia PA
  • The WineWeaver is my new favorite accessory; I don’t leave home without it! My newly aerated wine tastes much better than before. I can easily carry the Wineweaver with me, without having to worry that it will break. Clean-up is super simple too! What more could any wine drinker ask for?!

  • Michelle, Kent UK
  • We were given a wineweaver as a gift & since then it has made a difference to the taste of the wine making it lighter & more flavoursome. We have been so impressed that we have bought them as gifts for others!